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GE LOGIQ E9 reports system error when booting

September 26, 2021

Latest company case about GE LOGIQ E9 reports system error when booting

Failure phenomenon
The GE LOGIQ E9 color Doppler ultrasound machine reports a system error when it is turned on.


1. Firstly, check the power supply, replace the power supply, restart the machine, and find that the fault is still there. The initial troubleshooting has nothing to do with the power supply.

2. Secondly, detect the MRX board. The MRX board combines DRX, GRX and GFI, and has the function of receiving and processing signals. Replace a tested board on the device, and the failure remains, so the possibility of MRX failure is eliminated.

3. Thirdly, check the GTX board. This board has the function of sending signals. There are three boards on the device. Remove all the three boards. Use a tested GTX board to test the three corresponding interfaces. The result is All system errors are reported. Under normal circumstances, if a GTX board is installed separately, there will only be a missing echo area and no error will be reported. Therefore, the error has nothing to do with GTX.

4. Finally, download the log file to view the error log. It is found that GFI reported an error, and GFI is integrated on the MRX, but MRX has been verified as OK, so considering the insufficient power supply to the PD board powering the MRX, the PD board is replaced and the fault is resolved .

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