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GE LOGIQ E9 ultrasound workstation has no signal input

September 26, 2021

Latest company case about GE LOGIQ E9 ultrasound workstation has no signal input

Faults phenomenon
The GE LOGIQ E9 color Doppler ultrasound machine is operating normally, and the workstation has no video signal input.



Failure analysis
1. There is no signal connection between the machine and the workstation, and system settings, equipment hardware, and external equipment should be considered. Since this model is a 2017 new model, the system video signal output is automatically modulated without manual setting, so the system setting problem is eliminated. Next, consider the external equipment. The hospital provides a DVI display to connect to the equipment, but it still shows no signal. The display can be received normally on other equipment, so the external equipment problem can be ruled out. The hardware first considers the io board that manages the input and output of the system, and replaces the io board;

2. The signal still cannot be output after replacement. Considering that the video distribution board is faulty, the video distribution board is replaced.



Replace the video distribution board, the workstation can receive signals normally after booting, and the fault is resolved.

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