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GE vivid E9 ultrasonic trouble shooting(1)

January 21, 2021

Latest company case about GE vivid E9 ultrasonic trouble shooting(1)
Fault phenomenon

After power on, the main display indicates that the system cannot be entered, and then there is an error message in the progress bar, indicating that the system needs to be shut down, and then the black screen automatically crashes.

Fault analysis

The vivid E9 host hardware mainly consists of the following four parts:
① Main power supply: provide power supply for the whole machine;
② Back end processing system: system control and ultrasonic image processing;
③ Front end processing system: ultrasonic generation and reception;
④ Console: (keyboard, touch screen and display).
According to the fault performance, it is caused by the communication failure of front and rear terminals, and there are several possibilities as follows:
(1) The main board of the host back-end processing system fails;
(2) Output circuit fault of main power supply;
(3) Communication control board failure of front-end processing system;
(4) The front and rear connecting lines are faulty.



First of all, start from the simple point: connect the front and rear ends, pull and plug in the fastening connecting lines, and restart can be successful. At the initial stage, I thought that the fault had been solved. As a result, the machine broke down again after several days of use, and the fault was even more serious. After the machine was turned on, the main display had no image display. Check the back-end main board, and the CPU fan stopped running after several times. Make sure that the main board did not get up, check the back-end power indicator, and the input voltage indicator was normal. Based on the previous faults, it is judged that the main board at the back end of the host is faulty.
Replace the main board of the back-end processing system, and solve the problem.
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