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GE VIVID E9 ultrasound system automatically restarts and shuts down

April 30, 2021

Latest company case about GE VIVID E9 ultrasound system automatically restarts and shuts down

Failure phenomenon

After the GE VIVID E9 ultrasound is turned on, the system will automatically restart when the progress bar interface is displayed, and will automatically turn off after repeating twice.

Failure analysis

The system automatically restarts and shuts down automatically, generally due to the following four reasons:
(1) Part of the power supply module is faulty;
(2) Front-end and back-end communication failure;
(3) Front-end circuit board failure;
(4) The back-end load circuit is faulty.


Repair process

Open the casing of the machine and start the machine. After inspection, it is found that the power module indicator is normal.

In the shutdown state, unplug and fasten the front and rear ends, the communication line and the ground wire circuit breaker (GFI) of the front control panel, and the fault is still found in the startup test operation.

However, during the boot process, it was found that the power status lights of the front-end boards were not bright, indicating that the front-end power was abnormal. The analysis may be that a front-end circuit board has an overload fault.
The front-end circuit board was unplugged one by one to start the test run. It was found that after unplugging the control board GFI, the front-end board was powered on normally, and it was judged that the front-end control board GFI had an overload fault.

Remove the GFI board and check it carefully. It is found that a capacitor module on the circuit board has a faint burnt smell. Use a multimeter to measure this part of the capacitor module and find that the capacitor C84 is short-circuited. It is determined that the capacitor burns out and causes voltage overload protection.

After replacing this capacitor, install the front-end control board GFI to start the test run, the machine is in normal use, and the fault is eliminated.

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