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GE Voluson E6 fault maintenance

July 1, 2021

Latest company case about GE Voluson E6 fault maintenance

The fault phenomenon:


After the machine is started, the touch screen does not light up. Except for the numeric keyboard and trackball, all other function keys of the control panel do not light up, including TGC.



Failure analysis:


① The trackball and numeric keyboard can also be used, so it is not the PC fault.

② All the function keys of the control panel and TGC don’t work. It is suspected that the control panel is faulty initially, but after replacing the panel, the fault still exists.

③ Analyze the source of control panel working signal, replace RTT and RTB board respectively, the same fault still appears, so it is not the problem of control panel.

④ The problems of touch screen such as short circuit, it may also lead to the failure of the circuit board connected with the touch screen. After detection, it is found that the touch screen is faulty





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