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GE Voluson E8 blue screen and file loss

March 15, 2021

Latest company case about GE Voluson E8 blue screen and file loss

Failure phenomenon

When the Vivid E9 cardiac ultrasound system is in normal use, it suddenly shuts down automatically. After rebooting, the same situation occurred again after some time.


Fault analysis and troubleshooting

When the machine can be turned on and run, use a USB flash drive to copy the log (data that records the operating state of the device), and search for "shutdown" in the logfile (data file that records the operating state of the device), and find the description of the abnormality of the machine. The shutdown statement "DRX3_TOP=81 is greater than the upper limit 80" indicates that the temperature tested by the DRX sensor is greater than the upper limit, and then from the logfile-TempMon (data file that records the operating status of the device), compared to the same time, it is found that DRX3_TOP has Reaching 81 three times indicates that the temperature value exceeds the upper limit, causing the machine to automatically shut down. Analyze the cause of the alarm: it may be the internal temperature is too high or the DRX sensor is damaged.

Based on the principle of easy maintenance first, the first consideration is that the filter at the rear of the machine is clogged with dust, which makes air flow difficult and heat dissipation is difficult, resulting in excessive internal temperature of the machine and automatic shutdown. Turn off the machine, disconnect the power supply, take out the filter under the machine and the filter sponge at the back of the machine. It is found that there is not much dust accumulation. Observe the environment where the machine is placed again. The room is small but well ventilated. Open the cover on the right side of the machine, pull out the fan under the machine, and find serious accumulation of dust, immediately clean it and dry it. After cleaning, connect the machine power, press the power button to start the machine, the machine runs normally. After a week of observation, the machine did not automatically shut down again, and the fault was eliminated.


In this maintenance diagnosis, many faults in the operation of the machine can be found through the log to help determine the cause of the machine failure. When analyzing the temperature and voltage logfile, you can import the Txt file into the Excel table for analysis, which is convenient for clear query of the fault statement, making the analysis process extremely convenient. This failure is caused by the accumulation of dust on the cooling fan, which leads to poor cooling of the machine. Therefore, in the daily maintenance process, not only pay attention to cleaning the dust on the filter, but also pay attention to the dust cleaning of the cooling fan. In normal work, we must do a good job The formulation and implementation of daily maintenance and preventive maintenance (PM) plans can not only reduce the equipment failure rate, but also increase the equipment utilization rate more effectively.

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