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GE Voluson E8 blue screen and file loss Fault phenomenon

January 21, 2021

Latest company case about GE Voluson E8 blue screen and file loss Fault phenomenon
The machine has a blue screen, reporting that the system file is missing, and it is resolved after reinstalling the system, but this failure recurs after a week.


According to the description, reinstalling the system once solved the failure, indicating that it was caused by the computer system software crash, but the same failure occurred one week after it returned to normal. It is suspected that the hard disk may have bad sectors, causing the system files to be lost during startup. Open the panel, remove the hard disk, find a hard disk with the same capacity, and use Ghost to clone a hard disk with the operating system and ultrasound application software using the hard disk engraving method to complete the hard disk replacement and troubleshooting.


Most medical equipment now uses the Windows platform. The advantage is that it saves manufacturers the cost of developing software and hardware. The disadvantage is that ultrasound system software failures, such as system crashes, occur from time to time. Therefore, at the beginning of the equipment installation, you can consider doing a hard disk clone backup to prevent problems. Once the software fails, you can directly replace the hard disk to ensure the normal operation of the equipment, which not only speeds up the repair speed, but also saves the maintenance cost for the hospital. But pay attention to whether the Ghost version and the original device hard disk use data encryption technology, so as not to cause backup failure, it is recommended to replace the trial after backup to determine the result.
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