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GE Voluson E8 no display at boot

March 15, 2021

Latest company case about GE Voluson E8 no display at boot

Fault phenomenon

There is no display after booting, and an error will appear on the touch screen after a period of time.


Fault analysis

The RTV pointed to by the error belongs to the video management board. The failure of this board may indeed cause the machine to boot without display, but the failure remains after the replacement. First eliminate the possibility of the board failure.

The display funn of the machine is mainly managed by the graphics card and the RTV board. Observing the output of the PC chassis line shows that after the machine is started, the image signal should be transmitted to the RTV through thectio graphics card, and then transmitted to the display and touch screen display.

After troubleshooting the RTV board, the graphics card is most likely to fail, and the machine will be accompanied by an alarm sound when the machine is turned on. Generally, this situation occurs only when a hardware failure is detected during the startup of the PC chassis.

After unplugging the video card, connect the DVI image transmission line of the machine directly to the DVI output port of the motherboard. After the machine starts, there is no alarm sound and the display has image display output, so it can be determined that the graphics card is faulty.



Replace the video card and the machine resumes normal operation.

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