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Maintenance of GE LOGIQ P6 Color Doppler

February 20, 2021

Latest company case about Maintenance of GE LOGIQ P6 Color Doppler

Fault phenomenon


All probes of GE LOGIQ P6 machine have interference in color Doppler mode.

Fault analysis
LOGIQ P6 machine plate structure is simple, plate function integration is high. The color Doppler processing function of the machine is on the SYSCOM motherboard. Generally, this kind of interference is caused by probe failure, external interference or SYSCOM motherboard and APS power supply.
Due to the interference of all probes in the machine, the possibility of failure of all probes is very small, so other probabilities should be considered first. Pushing the machine to another floor room for testing, there are still interference faults to eliminate the possibility of external interference. APS power supply failure may cause interference of machine access voltage. APS power supply failure may be eliminated after replacing the test. Finally, the SYSCOM motherboard was replaced, and the machine started to work normally. All the probes entered the working mode of color Doppler without any interference and troubleshooting.


GE LOGIQ P6 is easier to maintain than other ultrasonic machines because of its simple plate structure. Maintenance is mainly based on the specific performance of the machine fault and the working principle of the machine to analyze the fault location and take corresponding treatment measures, for the more difficult to analyze and judge the fault location should be carefully and step by step investigation, avoid random attempted maintenance.

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