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SIEMENS S1000 system maintenance

October 12, 2021

Latest company case about SIEMENS S1000 system maintenance

Failure phenomenon:
Siemens S1000 color super machine, the boot into the ultrasonic working interface is normal, the heart probe is used normally, but the superficial probe and the abdominal probe can only be used normally in the 0B mode, can not be used in other modes, the machine has a card screen phenomenon at the same time.

Failure analysis:
The signal processing and control module of S1000 color supercomputer is mainly composed of probe interface module, input and output module and electronic system module. The electronic system module includes TR, CB, RC, BE, VI and RM board, TR, RC board and probe interface module ( The TI Module) performs the ultrasonic signal processing functions together, collectively referred to as the front end portion; the BE, VI, and RM boards are responsible for the subsequent processing of the ultrasonic signal data and the overall control functions of the machine, collectively referred to as the back end portion. The power supply consists of four sections, an AC AC power box, a PSA analgo power module, a PSD digital power module, and a QuickStart Battery.

Firstly, if the system software error occurs, the fault occurs. After the system is reinstalled, the fault still exists, and the system software fault may be eliminated. The problem of RC and BE is initially judged from the hardware function. As the real-time control board of the front end, the RC board is also responsible for the control function of ultrasonic transmission and reception. It is also responsible for analgo-to-digital conversion of the 192 channels of received data of the TR board, thereby converting the echo signals into digital signals, which is convenient for the back-end software. Further processing of the technology. A failure of the RC board will cause all other functions of the machine to be abnormal. The BE board receives the digitized echo signals from the front RC board and processes them according to the operator's requirements. The failure of the BE board often causes one of the functions of the color Doppler to be abnormal.

The PSA and TI can be considered by the hardware replacement exclusion method to eliminate the BE and RC failures. The TI board can support 3 probes at the same time and can be switched at will, but the probe hot swap is not supported. When the TI board fails, it will cause the 2D area to have no image, card screen or boot code "US_IMG_17" and other error codes. The PSA is responsible for the front end power supply and provides the probe working voltage. If the PSA fault will cause the probe to be caused by the abnormal voltage supply. The function is not working properly.

Repair results:
Replace the PSA power supply, all the functions of the machine are used normally, and the fault is eliminated.

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