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The GE LOGIQ S8 fails to start

October 27, 2021

Latest company case about The GE LOGIQ S8 fails to start

Failure phenomenon:

When GE LOGIQ S8 is started, the startup light is on, but no signal is displayed, so it cannot be started normally.


Failure analysis:

After the machine presses the on key, the display shows no signal. Consider the power supply and motherboard, and troubleshoot according to the carried accessories. After replacing the power supply, the machine can start. However, after each startup, the system reports an error, which still needs further investigation. After continuing to replace the motherboard, the system still reports an error when starting up. Unplug the BF board again and eliminate the fault.


Repair results:

After replacing the power supply and removing and inserting the BF board, the fault is removed and the machine is in normal use.



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