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Troubleshooting of GE LOGIQ series ultrasound system

September 8, 2021

Latest company case about Troubleshooting of GE LOGIQ series ultrasound system

Fault phenomenon:

The fault will occur during the first start-up in the morning. The start-up of the machine is in a normal state, and the probe can be effectively switched, and then the fault will occur. At this time, the clipboard of the machine will become larger, and the run key and set key at the lower right of the display will flash.

In this case, the buttons and the touch screen have failed, and pressing the shutdown button will directly pop up the display frame of the system that is not responding. You cannot use the mouse or the touch screen to select. You can only use the left and right buttons to complete the selection. Among them, the restart cannot be chose, and then it will enter the white interface, and there is no response to the forced shutdown. The only measures that can be taken are to unplug the power, and after restarting, the machine returns to normal.

Analysis and Troubleshooting

Copy out the error log in time and enter the CSD for testing. The result shows that it passes. Afterwards, the corresponding inspection of the front and rear connection cables and the hardware of plugging and unplugging the front and rear ends is carried out, and the backup software and settings are also included, and the touch screen and the trackball are replaced.

Observation and research on the error log can find that many of the trackballs and touch screens have faults, and find the relevant logs according to the time when the fault occurs. However, there is no error record in the process of failure.

Through the verification of the fault time point, it can be found that there are many contents related to the information of Tr-ballBut and TouchPush. Then, combined with the flashing problem of the run key and set key at the lower right of the display when a fault occurs, the fault location can be found out. The machine will crash itself in the process of responding to the trackball and Touchpanel, but it is not used as an error in the error log, so the trackball and touch screen can be replaced to solve the machine's faults.

Using manual analysis of the OPPanel schematic diagram, we can understand that the touch screen and trackball have been connected to the USBHub of the Maincon-trol board in the operation panel, so we can understand that the main cause of the failure is damage.

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