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20KM Trekking Group Building Activity

November 21, 2020

Latest company news about 20KM Trekking Group Building Activity

20KM Trekking Group Building Activity

Rongtao & Everest Medical conducted a one-day training and development activity on November 13th. At the beginning of the hike, walk forward with laughter and enjoy the scenery along the way.

Even though the journey is far away and the road is rugged, it rained lightly on the way, and the journey was very tiring and painful. But no one is willing to give up, everyone encourages and supports each other, step by step, every footprint is filled with perseverance, and every drop of sweat reflects vitality.

This activity is not only a simple outdoor activities, but also a kind of culture, a spirit and a concept of inheritance.It makes Rongtao people understand: attitude is everything!When we are faced with difficulties and pressure, our biggest enemy is not difficulties or obstacles, but ourselves.

In the future, we will put this will and spirit into our work and provide customers with better services!

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