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Group building activities---Tug-of-war

October 12, 2019

Latest company news about Group building activities---Tug-of-war

Group building activities---Tug-of-war

In order to carry forward the cultral spirit of Everest enterprise, improve the cohesion of the team and the overall centripetal force, and creat a positive and progressive working atmosphere, our company carried out the " vitality and passion, side by side" league construction activity on October 12.


Tug-of-war is a power confrontation, is a united feelings, is a group of struggle together, but also the best way to hone a team will. When the game whistle sounded, the players together shouted "one two, one two", both hands hold the long rope, full strength desperately back pull.Scene cheers, shouts, refueling sound mixed together, spectacular scene, warm atmosphere, climax repeatedly.The athletes pulled together, pulling the rope and counting the hearts.

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