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Rongtao Medical Team Building Activities

April 13, 2021

Latest company news about Rongtao Medical Team Building Activities

In order to promote Rongtao’s corporate cultural spirit, improve team cohesion and overall centripetal force, and create a positive and hardworking working atmosphere, Rongtao Medical has launched a team building activity of “Energetic and Passionate, Walking Side by Side”.

The tug-of-war is a battle of strength, a feeling of unity, a process of fighting together as a team, and the best way to hone the will of a team.

When the whistle of the game sounded, the team members shouted "one two, one two" together, holding the long rope tightly with both hands, and pulling back with all their strength. All the participating team members lowered their center of gravity and assumed a winning posture. The team members were united, morale high, working together, not giving way, and devoted themselves to the tug-of-war competition with full passion and high morale.

The cheers, shouts and cheering on the scene are intertwined, the scene is spectacular and the atmosphere Warm and climax.

This activity cultivated sentiment, exercised the body, honed the will of employees, and improved the spirit of teamwork.

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