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Ultrasound Repair Service Siemens X700 BE Board 10136465/Repair Engineer

Product Details:
Brand Name: Siemens
Model Number: 10136465
Payment & Shipping Terms:
Minimum Order Quantity: 1
Price: Negotiable
Packaging Details: Neutral Package
Delivery Time: 2-4 work days
Payment Terms: T/T, Western Union
  • Detail Information
  • Product Description

Detail Information

Description: BE Board Category: Ultrasonic Repairing System
Service: Repair Engineer Warranty: 60 Days After Fixed
Condition: Original Siemens Purpose: Hospital Use

Product Description

 Repair Siemens X700 BE board (P/N: 10136465)


1. Repair time: 2-4 days
2. Warranty: 60 days
3. Part number: 10136465
4. Compatible with Siemens X700


Various GE/Siemens/Toshiba/Hitachi/ Biosound ultrasonic boards are within our repair/ maintenance range.



Ultrasound Repair Service Siemens X700 BE Board 10136465/Repair Engineer 0

Other ultrasound parts related to Siemens that we can offer:


Brand System Description
Siemens S1000/S2000 RM200 10038592
Siemens S1000/S2000 RM220 10853882 10439172
Siemens S2000 RM300 10852163
Siemens S2000 high version/S3000 RM301 10854749
Siemens S1000/S2000 VI board 10039639 10039638
Siemens S2000 TI board 10040951
Siemens S2000 Control Panel 11287361
Siemens Antares, S2000, Sequoia C512 monitor 10437579
Siemens S2000 CB board 10041510
Siemens S2000 Transmit Receiver Board 07475028 (rev 03)
Siemens S2000 4D functional software
Siemens Antares RM165 10027776
Siemens Antares RM167 10035299/200622716597
Siemens Antares/S2000 RM200 10044096/10038592/10439676
Siemens Antares TI board (TI Board) PM30-32432
Siemens Antares TI board (4D or not)7303295
Siemens Antares ACpower board 7466142
Siemens Antares BE BOARD 7472421
Siemens Antares CB Board 7288504
Siemens Antares RC Board PM30-32088 7476810
Siemens Antares VI board 7306041
Siemens Antares PSA power board 07846681
Siemens Antares Premium LCD monitor 10032069
Siemens Antares PFS-145-CFG003 board 7854693)
Siemens Antares power board 7474484
Siemens G40/X150 DC 10010040
Siemens G40 BE BOARD 10010906(000567)
Siemens G40 IO(input&output) 10010007(001996)
Siemens G40 RC 10010907 000520
Siemens G40 TI 10349109 008404
Siemens G40 AC power board 10010039
Siemens G40 Monitor
Siemens G50 Display board 07478709
Siemens G50/G60 Main Control Panel, Lower, Assy 7478691
Siemens G50 A46 RXBF 6 07851624
Siemens G50/G60 A03 SWRG 2 power board FP2173A
Siemens G50/G60/Acuson X500 A57 CFDP 1 10033507 2H400495-1
Siemens G50 TI board 7483154
Siemens G50 A3RD-2 board 3H400331-1
Siemens G50S A66 DTPS board 2H400413-1
Siemens G50 A10 OPCT 4 board 7482057
Siemens G50/G60/X500 A68 EXCR 2 10033508 (with hard disk and CPU)
Siemens G50/G60 A36 PSEL 1 2H400414-1
Siemens G50/G60 A49 ECRC 1 2H400494-1 10033506
Siemens G60S A03 PWR SWRG 10033501
Siemens G60S A46 RXBF A 6 2H400487-6 07851632
Siemens G60S A10 OPCT2 4 10029967
Siemens G60S A36 PSEL 2 2H400414-2
Siemens X150 BE 10131804
Siemens X150 IO 10132874 10010909
Siemens X150 TI 10132867
Siemens X150/X300 TR 10010905 10132560
Siemens X150 DC power board10010385
Siemens X150 numeric keyboard
Siemens X300 TI 10131971/10348303/10789323/10563888
Siemens X300 DC 10429578/10348509
Siemens X300 BE 10348317/10566068/10131990
Siemens X300 RC(2.0) 10131803
Siemens X300 RC(3.0) 10348315
Siemens X300 RC board daughther board 10348502
Siemens X300 UI 10429359
Siemens X300 control panel 10348373
Siemens X300 TR board 10348311 3.0
Siemens X300 TI Daughter board 10132099
Siemens X300 PE CPUboard 10350215
Siemens X300 PE 4D Motor Board 10348440 10348307
Siemens X300 PE BE board 10659090
Siemens X300 Premium RC board 10427726
Siemens X300 3.0( Premium) DC/ DC Power 10348371
Siemens X300 3.0( Premium) TI board 10563888
Siemens X500 A69 HVPS2H400497-2 10033500
Siemens X700 BE 10136465
Siemens X700 RC 10136467
Siemens X700 TI 11014292
Siemens X700 IO board 10136463
Siemens X700/X600 AC/DC Power Supply 10790289/10787430/10136604
Siemens X700 AC
Siemens Aspen SDL2 K ASSY 18132







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