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Acuson VF10 5 Compatible Ultrasound Probe , Siemens Linear Array Transducer

Product Details:
Brand Name: Siemens
Model Number: VF10-5
Payment & Shipping Terms:
Minimum Order Quantity: 1
Price: Negotiable
Packaging Details: Neutral Package
Delivery Time: 2-4 work days
Payment Terms: T/T, Western Union
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Detail Information

Service: Outright Sale Category: Ultrasound Calorie Flow Transducer
Warranty: 1 Year Description: Healthcare Solutions
Purpose: Use For Patient Condition: Compatible
High Light:

Siemens Linear Array Transducer


Acuson VF10 5 Compatible Ultrasound Pr


Acuson VF10 5 Linear Array Transducer

Product Description


Siemens Acuson VF10-5 Linear Array Transducer

1. Type:linear
2. Frequency:10-5MHz
3. Compatible system: Acuson Antares, Sonoline G40, Acuson X300
4. Application:Small parts, Peripheral Vascular, Cerebrovascular, Musculoskeletal
5. Condition: in good working condition
6. With 1 year warranty



Acuson VF10 5 Compatible Ultrasound Probe , Siemens Linear Array Transducer 0







Other Siemens compatible probes we can offer:


Brand Model Compatible System
Siemens 3.5C40H Sonoline Elegra
Siemens 3.5C40S SONOLINE Prima, SONOLINE Adara
Siemens 6.5EV13S Prima / Adara
Siemens C5-2 G50,G60, Omnia, Sienna,X300,
Siemens C5-2 G20
Siemens C6-2 G50, G60, X500,X300,G60S
Siemens CH5-2 G40, G60 S, X150, X300, X500
Siemens CH6-2 Antares
Siemens EC9-4 G40,X300,X150,G50
Siemens EC9-4 G60,cv70
Siemens EC9-4 Antares
Siemens L10-5 G50,X500,CV70,X300
Siemens P4-2 CV70,Sonoline G50, Sonoline G60, X500
Siemens P4-2X X300,G40,X150,Omnia
Siemens VF10-5 G40, X300,X150
Siemens VF10-5 Antares
Siemens VF13-5 G40, G50, X150, X300,G60
Siemens VF13-5 Antares
Siemens VF7-3 Antares






Knowledge point



Color Doppler flow imaging


Color Doppler flow imaging system can simultaneously display B-type image and Doppler blood flow data (blood flow direction, flow velocity, flow dispersion) of dual ultrasound scanning system. Color power angio(CPA) detected the backscattered energy of blood cells in the blood flow, which did not distinguish the flow direction, and had nothing to do with the angle θ (the angle between the direction of sound wave and the direction of blood flow). CPA can improve the sensitivity of blood flow detection, especially suitable for displaying low-speed blood flow of small vessels, but can not show the direction of blood flow.



Harmonic imaging


Harmonic imaging exploits non-linear propagation of ultrasound through the body tissues. When the frequency of emitted sound wave is f 0, the frequency of echo (due to reflection or scattering) includes f 0 (called fundamental wave), 2f 0, 3F 0 and so on The second harmonic (2f 0) has the largest energy.

Ultrasonic harmonic imaging (UHI) is based on the information of human body carried by the second harmonic in echo (reflection or scattering). Harmonic imaging without UCA is called native harmonic imaging or tissue harmonic imaging. Harmonic imaging using UCA (ultrasound contrast agent) is called contrast harmonic imaging.



Multi-frequency probe


Multi-frequency probe is a new development of pulse-echo transducer. The probe can send out several different ultrasonic pulses, so as to cover the near field with high-frequency ultrasound, the intermediate-frequency ultrasound to cover the transition zone between the far and near fields, and the low-frequency ultrasound to cover the far field. The unit multi-frequency probe is to bond multiple layers of piezoelectric ceramics (or polymer piezoelectric materials) to each other, and lead wires from the electrodes between each layer to obtain multiple frequency ultrasonic pulse emission through exciting different layers . The digital coding of the multi-frequency probe is simple but easy to lose the signal.


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