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Endovaginal Convex Array Ultrasound Probe 9mm Multi Frequency

Product Details:
Brand Name: Aloka
Model Number: UST-9118
Payment & Shipping Terms:
Minimum Order Quantity: 1
Price: Negotiable
Packaging Details: Neutral Package
Delivery Time: 2-4 work days
Payment Terms: T/T, Western Union
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Detail Information

Category: Common Medical Supplies Description: Diagnostic Ultrasound Machine
Condition: Original Probe Warranty: 1 Year
Service: Outright Sale Purpose: Doctor Equipment
Keyword: Echo Scanner
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endovaginal convex array ultrasound probe


9mm Convex Array Ultrasound Probe


9mm endovaginal ultrasound probe

Product Description


Aloka UST-9118 9mm Multi Frequency Convex Endovaginal Ultrasound Transducer Probe


1. Type: Convex Array
2. Frequency: 3.5-7.5 MHz
3. Compatible system: Aloka Alpha 5/Alpha 10/SSD-3500/SSD-4000/SSD-5500
4. Application: endovaginal
5. Feature: 180 degree field of view
6. Condition:in good working condition
7. With 1 year warranty
Endovaginal Convex Array Ultrasound Probe 9mm Multi Frequency 0



Other Aloka Compatible probes we can offer:


Brand Model Compatible System
Aloka UST-5024N-3.5 SSD-256,280
Aloka UST-52101N SSD-5500, Alpha 5, Alpha 7
Aloka ust-52105 Alpha 5, Alpha 7, Alpha 10
Aloka UST-5294 SSD-5000, SSD-5500, Alpha 5
Aloka UST-5297 SSD-3500, SSD-5000, SSD-5500
Aloka UST-5299 830 , 870 , 875, SSD-3500, SSD-4000,
Aloka UST-5410 Alpha 5
Aloka UST-5410H Alpha 5 Ver. 3.1 and above
Aloka UST-5412 Alpha 5, Alpha 7, SSD-500V, SSD-5500
Aloka UST-5413 SSD-3500
Aloka UST-5512U-7.5 SSD-500, 620, 625,650,1100
Aloka UST-5524 SSD-900, SSD-1000, SSD-1400, SSD-1700, SSD-5000
Aloka UST-5539 SSD-4000, SSD-5000, SSD-5500
Aloka UST-5542 Alpha 6
Aloka UST-5545 SSD-5000,SSD-5500
Aloka UST-5546 SSD-3500, SSD-4000
Aloka UST-5548 SSD-5000, SSD-5500,Alpha 5SX, Alpha 7, Alpha 10, SSD-3500SX
Aloka UST-567 Alpha 5, Alpha 7, Alpha 10, Alpha 5SX
Aloka UST-588U-5 SSD-500
Aloka UST-675P Alpha 5, Alpha 7, Alpha 10, SSD-5000, SSD-5500
Aloka UST-9112 SSD-900,1000,1400,1700,2000,3500 ,4000
Aloka UST-9115 SSD-5000,Alpha 5,
Aloka UST-9118 SSD-5000, SSD-5500, Alpha 7, Alpha 10
Aloka UST-9119 SSD-5000, SSD-5500
Aloka UST-9123 SSD-3500, SSD-4000, F37
Aloka UST-9124 SSD-3500, SSD-4000, F37
Aloka UST-9126 Alpha 5, SSD-5000, SSD-5500
Aloka UST-9130 Alpha 10,Alpha 7
Aloka UST-9133 SSD-3500, Alpha 7
Aloka UST-9137 Prosound
Aloka UST-9147 Prosound F75
Aloka UST-934N-3.5 SSD-500,620,625,630,633,650,650L,1100
Aloka UST-944B-3.5 SSD-500, SSD-1100
Aloka UST-945BP-5 SSD-500, SSD-620, SSD-630
Aloka UST-979 SSD-900,1000,1100,1400,1700,3500,4000
Aloka UST-981-5 SSD-500, 620, 625,650,1100
Aloka UST-984-5 SSD-1000, SSD-2000
Aloka UST-987 Alpha 5,Alpha 6,SSD-3500,SSD-5000,SSD-5500,SSD-900,SSD-1400



Hitachi Aloka ProSound Alpha 10, Ultrasound system,easy scan ultrasound


The Alpha 10 combines a 12 Bit A/D digital beam converter, high-powered image processing channels and our exclusive probe technology to take examinations to the next level Sophisticated beam control provides high resolution and penetration while minimizing image degradation, while user-oriented operability and ergonomics create the ideal environment for fast and accurate imaging and diagnoses




Dual Dynamic Display
Extended Flow Technology for blood flow definition
Power, Color, and Spectral Doppler
Duplex and triplex imaging capabilities
High resolution imaging with ultimate compounding technologies
Standard Brachytherapy seed placement grids
User-defined measurement charts and reporting capabilities
Large selection of probes with Multi-frequency, Hemispheric Sound Technolofy, and Definitive Tissue Harmonic Echo, pure sound transmission




4D, Abdominal, Breast, Cardiac, Musculoskeletal, OB-GYN, Pediatric, Small Parts, Vascular




UST-5293-5, UST-52110S, UST-52119S, UST-52105, UST-5296, UST-52108, UST-5543, UST-547, UST-533, UST-5713T, UST-5712, UST-5548, UST-2266-5, UST-2265-2, UST-9120, UST-9115-5, UST-9128, UST-52111S, UST-675P, UST-9118, ASU-1010, UST-9136U, UST-9130, UST-5411, UST-5412, UST-52114P, ASU-1012, UST-52101, UST-52101, UST-52120S, UST-52121S





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