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Compatible Ultrasound Probe EUP-V33W For Echo Scanner , ultrasonic transducer endocavity probe

Product Details:
Brand Name: Hitachi
Model Number: EUP-V33W
Payment & Shipping Terms:
Minimum Order Quantity: 1
Price: Negotiable
Packaging Details: Neutral Package
Delivery Time: 2-4 work days
Payment Terms: T/T, Western Union
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Detail Information

Applications: Endocavity Category: Echo Scanner
Warranty: 1 Year Service: Outright Sale
Items: Doppler Medical Device Condition: Compatible
High Light:

6.5 Mhz Compatible Ultrasound Probe


Echo Scanner Compatible Ultrasound Probe


6.5 Mhz endocavity ultrasound probe

Product Description


Compatible Ultrasound Probe EUP-V33W For Echo Scanner , ultrasonic transducer endocavity probe

1. Type: endocavity
2. Frequency: 6.5 Mhz
3. Compatible system: EUB-405/EUB-500/EUB-525/EUB-2000/EUB-5500/EUB-6500/EUB-8500

4. Warranty:1 year
5. Lead time: 2-4 days


Importance of maintaining ultrasound machine


Paying attention to preventive maintenance is the basic requirement of medical equipment engineers and technicians. Perform regular checks on equipment to ensure safe and effective operation of equipment, reduce downtime and save maintenance costs. Eliminate minor faults and avoid causing major faults to affect the normal operation of the hospital. Attention should be paid to any abnormality that occurs during the operation of the equipment. Sometimes a small abnormal phenomenon may be a precursor to a failure. If it is not checked, it may cause a greater failure and bring unnecessary losses to the hospital. Do not let the equipment work with faulty. Do not wait until the equipment is completely paralyzed before repairing. Routine maintenance can extend the service life of the equipment and improve economic efficiency.



Warnings and cautions of ultrasonic probe


The ultrasonic probe is a valuable device. It must be careful in the process of use. Avoid dropping, impact, or abrasion to transducers.

When installing or removing the probe, first switch off the power and then operate it carefully.

Avoid rapid and extreme temperature changes, as well as lengthy exposure to direct sunlight or a strong ultraviolet light source.

Do not use sharp objects to penetrate the acoustic lens.Once the acoustic lens is damaged, the coupling gel is easy to enter the interior of the probe and damage the piezoelectric element.

Do not soak transducer in any liquid above the recommended level as stated in the user manual for your system, please operate according to the manufacturer's instructions, otherwise it will lead to circuit failure or even burn out.

Do not disinfect at high temperature, because the probe is equipped with piezoelectric ceramics, high temperature will weaken the effect.

Before use, carefully check whether the housing and cable are damaged, so as to prevent the probe from high voltage injury.

After the probe is used, the residual coupling gel on the probe must be wiped clean to prevent rats or other animals from gnawing the lens.


Other Hitachi compatible probes we can offer:


Brand Model Compatible System
Hitachi EUP-C514 EUP-6500
Hitachi EUP-L54M EUB-405, 500, 525, 2000, 8500, H21/EUB-6500,H19/EUB-5500
Hitachi EUP-C314G EUB-405+,420,525,555,6000,6000S
Hitachi EUP-C324T EUB-415, 420, 405, 515,555
Hitachi EUP-V53W EUB-405+,525,2000,5500,6000
Hitachi EUP-S52 H19,EUB-5500, H21,EUB-6500
Hitachi EUP-V33W EUB-405,500,525,2000,5500,6500,8500
Hitachi EUP-S50 HIVISION Avius
Hitachi EUP-L53 EUB-405,500,525,2000,5500,6500,8500
Hitachi EUP-L34T EUB-900, 5500, 6500, 8500
Hitachi EUP-C312 EUB-405,410,420,450,515
Hitachi EUP-L33 EUB-405,420,450,515,525,555
Hitachi EUP-L73S EUB-900,H19/EUB-5500, H21/EUB-6500, EUB-7500,EUB-8500
Hitachi EUP-L74M EUB 6500,EUB 8500
Hitachi EUP-S70 HIVISION Avius
Hitachi EUP-L75 HIVISION Avius



Common ultrasonic Probe Damage(Convex, Linear, Sector, Endocavity probes)


Common ultrasonic probe damage Solutions
Lens damage, wear, holes, swelling, delamination Lens replacement
Strain relief damage, separation Strain replacement
Nosepiece and probe separation and cracks Strain replacement
Cable cuts Cable patches, possible cable replacement
Connector housing electrical damage Major and minor electrical repairs, pin module replacement





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