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IU22 IE33 AIM Board Ultrasound Machine Repair 453561210241 453561210243

Product Details:
Model Number: 453561210241/453561210243
Payment & Shipping Terms:
Minimum Order Quantity: 1
Price: Negotiable
Packaging Details: Neutral Package
Delivery Time: 2-4 work days
Payment Terms: T/T, Western Union
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Detail Information

Description: AIM Board Category: Ultrasound Products
Service: Ultrasonic Repair Warranty: 60 Days After Fixed
Condition: Oringal Purpose: Diagnosis Device
High Light:

AIM Board Ultrasound Machine Repair


IE33 Board Ultrasound Machine Repair


IU22 Board Ultrasound Machine Repair

Product Description


Repair iU22/iE33 AIM Board (P/N: 453561210241/453561210243)


1. Repair time: 2-4 days
2. Warranty: 60 days
3. Part number: 453561210241/453561210243/453561210321/453561160675/453561160672/453561210243
4. Compatiable with iU22/iE33



IU22 IE33 AIM Board Ultrasound Machine Repair 453561210241 453561210243 0


IU22 IE33 AIM Board Ultrasound Machine Repair 453561210241 453561210243 1


IU22 IE33 AIM Board Ultrasound Machine Repair 453561210241 453561210243 2




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  iU22/iE33 Unified Motherboard 453561254492 453561360251
  iE33 G Cart Channel Board 453561303332
  iE33 TI board 453561167791
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  iE33 PC components
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  CX50 systems 3.1.1
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  EPIQ 5 channel board 453561704244 version A
  Affiniti 50G mother board 453561736531B
  Affiniti 50 ACB Assy acquisition control board
  Affiniti 70 ACB Assy acquisition control board
ATL HDI-3500/HDI-5000 AIFOM ASSY 7500-1413-03A
ATL HDI-3500/HDI-5000 Module Assy 3500-3079-01
ATL HDI-3500/HDI-5000 power board 2500-1342-02A
ATL HDI-3500/HDI-5000 SPM 3500-2988
ATL HDI-3500/HDI-5000 PIM board 7500-1917-02c




Knowledge point



Tips for Maintenance of Ultrasound core boards


High temperatures are often caused by years of dust and grime built up inside a PC, clogging fans and crucial air pathways.

To extend the service life and reduce the frequency of breakdown, we suggest you do the dust elimination for the whole chassis and accessories when dismantle the defective boards. Cleanning the filter can cool the temperature, avoids boards overheating and defective.

*Routine cleaning: Every 3-6 month



The solution of dealing with ultrasonic image interference


1. Probe interference: replace the probe

2. Equipment interference: replace the power supply or internal boards

3. External interference:

(1) Workstation interference: it is recommended to add several magnetic rings to the video cable, if it is not work, replace the ATX power supply, or add a filter to the host power input.

(2) Power input interference: add several magnetic rings to the power line.


If the above methods do not work, just try the method of eliminating the equipotentiality,adding a shielding cloth on the bed, and connect a wire to the ground strap of the machine.




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