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GE Vivid7 Ultrasound Machine Maintenance Run Failure

Product Details:
Brand Name: GE
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Detail Information

Description: Maintenance Of Ultrasound Machine Category: Ultrasonic System
Service: Ultrasound Repair Technician Warranty: 60 Days After Fixed
Support: Technical Condition: Run Failure
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GE Vivid7 Ultrasound Machine Maintenance


Run Failure Ultrasound Machine Maintenance

Product Description


GE vivid7 maintenance case




Fault case 


Turn On the power and press On/Standby. The ultrasonic diagnostic device cannot start normally.



Fault analysis


Because Vivid 7 hardware is composed of the front end and the back end, its fault phenomenon is analyzed according to the activation sequence of Vivid 7.


(1) judge the machine is the front part or the back part of the fault caused by the failure of the normal start;


(2) the machine back end of a separate test, check whether it can start normally.The back end of the machine is mainly composed of microstar dual-core motherboard, ATX power supply, AGP graphics card, hard disk, ECG card, ETHERNET card, PCVIC board and PC2IP2B board.




(1) Remove the machine back-end components from the host, open the back-end chassis, input 220V ac power supply to the back end;


(2) Find the motherboard's pvon-on jumper, short circuit 6/8 feet (as shown in the picture)

GE Vivid7 Ultrasound Machine Maintenance Run Failure 0


(3) When it is found that the back-end part still cannot start normally, it is necessary to continue to confirm whether it is the problem of the motherboard or ATX power supply;


(4) Find the mainboard power board wiring block, with a short wire connection short circuit 13/14 (black and green) connector, at this time the back end of the power switch unimpeded;


(5) Input ac 220V into the back end, test the power voltage of each foot according to the ATX power sign, and find that there is no 3.3v voltage in the foot 1/2/11. It is judged that there is a problem in the ATX power supply at the back end. Repair the 3.3v power supply and test it on the machine after repairing the power.




Ultrasound parts that we can repair:


Repair List of Featured Ultrasonic Board & Assy
Brand System Description Part Number
GE Logiq P5 CPU mainboard 5168431
GE Logiq P6 CPU mainboard  
GE Logiq E9/vivid E9 GFI2 5161631
GE Voluson E6/Voluson E8 RSR KTI301394-2/KTI196357
GE Voluson E6/Voluson E8 RFI/ RFI21b Board KTI300614/KTI302197-6
GE Voluson S6/S8/P8 BF64 5396937-2
GE Voluson S6/S8/P8 RFS board 5364098-2/5364098-3
GE Voluson S6/S10/P8 BF192 board 5357234
Aloka Alpha 5 mainboard EP493700DD
Aloka Alpha 6 RX Beam Former EP555501AA
Aloka Alpha 6 CW board EP555700
Aloka Alpha 6 CPU mainboard EP537000/EP563000
Aloka Alpha 6 TX/RX EP555300
Aloka Alpha 6/Alpha 7 DOM EP550000AA
Aloka Alpha 10 RX Beamformer board EP531800CE
Aloka Alpha 10 wave generator Board EP495000HH/EP495000HJ/EP495000FF
Hitachi F37 TX/RS EP557400/EP557300
Hitachi F37 mainboard EP575700BC/EP560800
Aloka F75 USP board EP556600
Aloka F75 Cell Board EP558800
Hitachi HI VISION Avius RDBF board 7513907A/7513612
Hitachi Arietta 60 CELL EU-9160C
Hitachi Arietta 70 TX EP572300AA
Hitachi Arietta 70 CELL  
Hitachi Noblus CELL  
Hitachi Noblus CONT-B  
Hitachi Ascendus CELL 7352830A
Siemens X150/G40 BE 10131804
Siemens X300 BE 2.0/BE 3.0/BE 7.5 10131990
Siemens X700 BE 10136465
Siemens X700 RC 10136467
Siemens X700 TI 11014292
Siemens Antares BE 7472421
Siemens Antares CB 7288504
Siemens S2000 RM300 10852163
Siemens S2000 high version/S3000 RM301 10854749
  iU22/iE33 EMB excelsior motherboard 453561419431/453561382231/453561419431
  iU22/iE33 UMB Unified Motherboard 453561254492/453561360251
  HD15 ACB acquisition control board 453561197145/453561197144
  HD15 AIM board 4.53561E+11
  CX50 control panel 4.53562E+11
  CX50 mainboard 453561368033/453561622163/453561495832
  Affiniti 70 ACQ acquisition control board  
  EPIQ 5/EPIQ 7 ACQ Acquisition Module board 453561734844/453561704246
Biosound Mylab Series CPU mainboard 9501361000
Toshiba Aplio 300/400/500 mainboard PM30-38696
Toshiba Aplio 500 RX ywm2056*a
Toshiba Xario 200 TX PM30-32732-1
Toshiba Xario 200 RX PM30-32733-1
1.The repair cycle is within 3-5 days.
2.Warranty after fixed:60 days.
3. Kindly send us the estimated main faults (better to have image) for our engineer to prejudge.
4.Package price is available if repair 3 pcs or more at one time.
5.Extra discount for VIP partners.
6.You could have different part No.under same description.



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