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Toshiba PVU-375BT Ultrasound Probe Repair Lens Replacement

Product Details:
Brand Name: Toshiba
Model Number: PVU-375BT
Payment & Shipping Terms:
Minimum Order Quantity: 1
Price: Negotiable
Packaging Details: Neutral Package
Delivery Time: 1-5 work days
Payment Terms: T/T,Western Union
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Detail Information

Category: Diagnostic Medical Device Service Description: Lens Repair
Service: Repair Service For Probes Warranty: 60 Days After Fixed
Condition: Original Purpose: Diagnosis For Ultrasound
High Light:

Toshiba PVU 375BT Ultrasound Probe Repair


Lens Replacement Ultrasound Probe Repair

Product Description


Repair Toshiba PVU-375BT Lens/Lens Replacement/Repair Service
The lens of failures Reasons
An acoustic lens is a gelatinous professional substance that ultrasound probe contacts the upper body.The acoustic lens can cause wear and tear, scratch, crack, corrosion, degumming, blister and other damage after used for long-time.Especially corrosion caused by coupling agent into the lower level.Not only cause blind spots such as artifacts.Causing doctors misdiagnosed.Serious damage cheap ultrasound convex probe crystal or cause leakage.Endanger the patient's body, bring harm to patients and machine.



With liquid silicone inject in degumming and expelled bubbles.With gauze tied the probe by force for 24 hours before deregulation, the fault disappears, the probe returns to normal.Prove that the failure was caused by the unglued match between Acoustic lens and matching layer. In dealing with this kind of failure, using liquid silicone rubber for the probe acoustic lens repair materials. An adhesive material between acoustic lens and matching layer. Practice has proved that was a good effect.



Toshiba PVU-375BT Ultrasound Probe Repair Lens Replacement 0


Toshiba PVU-375BT Ultrasound Probe Repair Lens Replacement 1



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Basic Ultrasound Transducer Types
1 Linear Transducers
2 convex or curved array Transducers
3 Sector Transducers
4 Endocavity Transducers
5 Tee Transducers
6 3d/4d Transducers
7 Phased Array Transducers




Knowledge point



One may be facing several types of problems while using the ultrasound machine probes. They may be one or more of the following:


1. Poor quality image: Poor image may be due to

    *Cracked or air bubbles on lens

    *Connector issue

    *Crystal damage

    *Tears on the sheath


2. Physical damage or broken housing: Physical damage may be due improper handling, dropping of probe, poor storage etc.


3. Noise: Noise may be due to broken cable, damaged / broken pins in connector or electrical interference.

    *Breakage of probe connector pins may be caused by improper insertion or connection.

    *Damage to cable occurs due to cables being ridden by some wheels or closure of drawers without proper placement of the probe inside, etc.


4. No image: If there is image being received, it could be a result of probe cable – connector breakage, probe compatibility issue or software issue.



Warnings and cautions of ultrasonic probe


The ultrasonic probe is a valuable device. It must be careful in the process of use. Avoid dropping, impact, or abrasion to transducers.

When installing or removing the probe, first switch off the power and then operate it carefully.

Avoid rapid and extreme temperature changes, as well as lengthy exposure to direct sunlight or a strong ultraviolet light source.

Do not use sharp objects to penetrate the acoustic lens.Once the acoustic lens is damaged, the coupling gel is easy to enter the interior of the probe and damage the piezoelectric element.

Do not soak transducer in any liquid above the recommended level as stated in the user manual for your system, please operate according to the manufacturer's instructions, otherwise it will lead to circuit failure or even burn out.  

Do not disinfect at high temperature, because the probe is equipped with piezoelectric ceramics, high temperature will weaken the effect.

Before use, carefully check whether the housing and cable are damaged, so as to prevent the probe from high voltage injury.

After the probe is used, the residual coupling gel on the probe must be wiped clean to prevent rats or other animals from gnawing the lens.


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