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KTZ303915 Medical Ultrasound Spare Parts GE Voluson E6 E8 E10 RFM221 FE Mainboard

Product Details:
Brand Name: GE
Model Number: KTZ303915
Payment & Shipping Terms:
Minimum Order Quantity: 1
Price: Negotiable
Packaging Details: Neutral Package
Delivery Time: 2-4 work days
Payment Terms: T/T, Western Union
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Detail Information

Category: Diagnostic Medical Device Description: RFM221 Main Board
Service: Sales Warranty: 60 Days After Fixed
Condition: Original Purpose: Diagnosis For Medical Imaging System
High Light:

KTZ303915 Ultrasound Spare Parts


GE Voluson E6 Ultrasound Spare Parts


RFM221 FE Mainboard

Product Description

GE Voluson E6 E8 E10 RFM221 FE mainboard KTZ303915 Medical solutions


1. Part number: KTZ303915
2. Warranty: 60 days
3. Comaptible with Voluson E6/E8E10





Knowledge Point

Popular GE Voluson E8 transducers

The RAB6-D 4D convex is a popular ultra-lightweight 4D volume probe that is 40-50% lighter than the older RAB4-8-D convex, reducing user fatigue. The C4-8-D high frequency convex abdominal probe provides exceptionally high-resolution obstetric images from the first to the last trimester. The C1-5-D convex abdominal probe helps deliver a high-level resolution and deep penetration, even on very large patients. The 9L-D wide-band linear abdominal probe helps provide high-quality images in the first trimester of pregnancy. The S4-10-D neonatal probe is dedicated to neonatology cardiac applications. The RIC6-12-D high-resolution 4D endovaginal probe helps detect fine details early in the first trimester and in gynecology exams.



KTZ303915 Medical Ultrasound Spare Parts GE Voluson E6 E8 E10 RFM221 FE Mainboard 0


KTZ303915 Medical Ultrasound Spare Parts GE Voluson E6 E8 E10 RFM221 FE Mainboard 1



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Precautions for Maintenance


Before delivery, we'd like to confirm the below details of your defective ultrasonic board.


Have your board ever repaired? ( Better to be never repaired)

Is the board original in complete condition?

What's the detailed faults? ( Send me fault description, fault image or video)


Your answers will help our repair engineers team to prejudge whether it's repairable.

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