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EPIQ 5 Ultrasound Machine Repair Startup Report Error 025 Replace ACQ

Product Details:
Model Number: EPIQ 5
Payment & Shipping Terms:
Minimum Order Quantity: 1
Price: Negotiable
Packaging Details: Neutral Package
Delivery Time: 2-4 work days
Payment Terms: T/T, Western Union
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Detail Information

Category: Repair Medical Equipment Description: Replace ACQ
Service: Medical Repair Warranty: 60 Days After Fixed
Condition: Oringal Item: Patient Supplies
High Light:

EPIQ 5 Ultrasound Machine Repair


Ultrasound Machine Repair Replace ACQ

Product Description


EPIQ 5 Ultrasound Machine Repair Startup Report Error 025 Replace ACQ


1. Repair time: 2-4 days
2. Warranty: 60 days
3. Fault phenomenon: Error 025 is reported at startup, all probes are unplugged, and self-test is performed in the background. After self-test, CB reports an error, and it is judged that ACQ is faulty.


Various GE//Siemens/Toshiba/Hitachi/ Biosound ultrasonic boards are within our repair/maintenance range.



Other ultrasound parts related to GE that we can offer:


Brand System Description
  Envisor control panel 453561184013
  Envisor TR board M2540-20240 453561448371
  Envisor RX/TX M2540-20040 REV C
  Envisor APIO 453561235651
  HD3 back end board/mainboard BD-439-PCC
  HD3 power board
  HD6 power board
  HD7 video board P381
  HD7 keyboard control panel 453561194831
  HD7 TR board M2540-60040F
  HD7 LCD monitor 453561350091 454110240251
  HD7 mainboard RB945G ATX Rev 1.0
  HD7 mainboard M2540-60060
  HD7 TI board M2540-60070 M2540-60270
  HD7 XE LCD monitor
  HD9 PSA board BD445PSA 0A
  HD9 BF board BD-445-BF
  HD9 MTR BD-445-MTR
  HD9 TI board BD-445-PSA
  HD11/HD11XE front end of TR board M2540-20240 back end M2540-60240
  HD11 HD11 LCD monitor(not avaliable forHD7)
  HD11 APIO 453561183003
  HD11XE LCD monitor (19inch) 453561294281 (20inch)
  HD11XE Power 12NC 453561382672
  HD11XE video card PNY 9400GT 1025MB
  HD11/HD11XE power board 453561161892
  HD11XE control panel 453563495544 / 453563495542
  HD11/HD11XE SP(signal processing board) 453561210154/453561343282 /453561343282,453561343281
  HD11/HD11XE TR board 453561342481
  HD11/HD15 Power Supply 4535-612-22772
  HD11/HD15 video board 7300GS
  HD15 touch screen
  HD15 video card 69V02634T 69V02882T
  HD15 ACB Assy ( acquisition control board) 453561197145/453561197144
  HD15 AIM Assy 453561197306



Knowledge point


A used Epiq 5 Advanced Color Doppler Ultrasound, one of two units that replaced the famous iu22 and ie33  ultrasound machines.

The Epiq 5 is a shared-service color Doppler ultrasound machine that uses new imaging architecture: nSIGHT.

nSIGHT is new beamforming and processing technology designed to dramatically improve spatial, temporal and contrast resolution. The popularity of the new technology has made one of the few true powerhouses in the high-end ultrasound market.

In addition to nSIGHT, the Epiq 5 also includes previous high-end imaging technologies, including PureWave transducers, MicroCPA for better low-flow vessels, ShearWave elastography, composite imaging (SonoCT) and speckle-reduced imaging (XRES).

The touchscreen interface reduces the "reach" required by the sonographer, reducing repetitive tasks and improving workflow efficiency. Additionally, its Anatomy Intelligence feature is designed to improve workflow efficiency by automatically identifying anatomical structures and performing the most common tasks.

With nSIGHT technology,  claims the Epiq 5 ultrasound has 76% higher penetration and resolution at higher frame rates compared to conventional cart-based machines.


EPIQ 5 Ultrasound Machine Repair Startup Report Error 025 Replace ACQ 0



Precautions for Maintenance


Before delivery, we'd like to confirm the below details of your defective ultrasonic board.


Have your board ever repaired? ( Better to be never repaired)

Is the board original in complete condition?

What's the detailed faults? ( Send me fault description, fault image or video)


Your answers will help our repair engineers team to prejudge whether it's repairable.


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