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Aloka Alpha 10 Transmitting Ultrasonic Board EP495000HH

Product Details:
Brand Name: Hitachi Aloka
Model Number: EP495000HH
Payment & Shipping Terms:
Price: Negotiable
Packaging Details: Neutral Package
Delivery Time: 2-4 work days
Payment Terms: T/T, Western Union
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Detail Information

Condition: Hitachi Original Warranty: 60/90 Days
Service: Outright Sale, Exchange Sale Category: Medical Imaging Assmbly
Description: Medical Products Purpose: Hospital Use
High Light:

Aloka Alpha 10 Transmitting Ultrasonic Board


Ultrasonic Board EP495000HH

Product Description


Aloka Alpha 10 Transmitting Ultrasonic Board EP495000HH

1. P/N:EP495000HH
2. Compatible system:Alpha 10
3. Condition: Original and used,in good working condition
4. With 60 days warranty and 2-4 days lead time




Two-dimensional ultrasound: What people usually call B-ultrasound is two-dimensional ultrasound. It uses a probe to scan and repeatedly transmit and receive ultrasonic sound beams to form a two-dimensional section (plane, slice, thin section) image displayed on the screen, which is two-dimensional ultrasound. The echo intensity (radiation density) is displayed on the screen in corresponding directions with different brightness light spots, outlining a grayscale cross-sectional image of the organ structure. In short, what two-dimensional ultrasound displays are plane pictures, which are assembled into three-dimensional images in the mind of the sonographer, and thus applied to clinical diagnosis.


Three-dimensional ultrasound: Based on the principle of two-dimensional imaging, background software is used to convert the image into a three-dimensional image. That is to use backend software to create three-dimensional images from many floor plans. It can clearly display the three-dimensional form, surface characteristics, and spatial position relationships of suspicious structures, and provide three-dimensional images of areas of interest.


Four-dimensional ultrasound: it is dynamic three-dimensional. Four-dimensional ultrasound technology uses three-dimensional ultrasound images plus time dimension parameters. This revolutionary technology can obtain three-dimensional images in real time, surpassing the limitations of traditional ultrasound. Ability to display real-time dynamic moving images of areas of interest.


Other Hitachi ultrasonic board we can exchange/offer.


Brand  system Description Part number
Aloka Alpha 5 mainboard EP493700DD
Aloka Alpha 6 RX Beam Former EP555501AA
Aloka Alpha 6 CW board EP555700
Aloka Alpha 6 CPU mainboard EP537000/EP563000
Aloka Alpha 6 TX/RX EP555300
Aloka Alpha 6/Alpha 7 DOM EP550000AA
Aloka Alpha 7 RX Beam Former EP539100BB/EP539500DG/EP539501DG
Aloka Alpha 7 CPU mainboard EP558900
Aloka Alpha 7 TI Board EP539000
Aloka Alpha 7 TX board EP548300BB
Aloka Alpha 7 touch screen L-Key-93H
Aloka Alpha 10 RX Beamformer board EP531800CE
Aloka Alpha 10 wave generator Board EP495000HH/EP495000HJ/EP495000FF
Aloka Alpha 10 High-voltage Board EP541800
Aloka Alpha 10 CPU mainboard EP496000
Hitachi F31 RX Beamformer board EP568900
Hitachi F31 mainboard EP575700BC/EP560800
Hitachi F37 TX/RS EP557400/EP557300
Hitachi F37 mainboard EP575700BC/EP560800
Hitachi F37 BF Beamformer board EP557400
Hitachi F37 RX mainboard EP557500
Aloka F75 CONT-B EP556700BB
Aloka F75 USP board EP556600
Aloka F75 Cell Board EP558800
Hitachi HI VISION Avius RDBF board 7513907A/7513612
Hitachi HI VISION Avius CONT-B 7513734A
Hitachi HI VISION Avius/Preirus Cell board 7345930A
Hitachi HI VISION Preirus RX Board CZH4AA
Hitachi HI VISION Preirus TX Board 7513629A
Hitachi HI VISION Preirus CONT-B 7513640A/CZ84AJ
Hitachi Arietta 60 TX  
Hitachi Arietta 60 RX  
Hitachi Arietta 60 CELL EU-9160C
Hitachi Arietta 70 TX EP572300AA
Hitachi Arietta 70 RX EP572900/EP572200
Hitachi Arietta 70 CELL  
Hitachi Noblus CELL  
Hitachi Noblus CONT-B  
Hitachi Ascendus TX  
Hitachi Ascendus CELL 7352830A






Q: How's the stock condition?
A: Wide variety of Ultrasound probe/board, over 10,000 pcs in stock, involved in popular brands and systems(GE, Hitachi Aloka, Siemens,Toshiba, , Biosound---)


Q: Is there any guarantee for the goods?
A: Fully-tested and safe packing before shipping, less than 3% warranty return claims of previous orders.



Q: Will you provide warranty?

A: Items are sold with NO WARRANTY, unless it is stated otherwise in the body of the proforma invoice/purchase order. Mostly 90 days for new original, 30/60 days for used.



Q: Can I have the goods returned if it is not working good?
A: Yes, goods are permitted to be returned in same received condition within 7 days. Refund will be handled within 2-4 working days after final confirmation (Freight & bank fee excluded). Shipping fee for return should be borne by buyers. No returns after 3 days if ordered wrong.



Q: If faults occurred after warranty date, can I contact you?

A: Sure, feel free to contact even years later. We'll look into the faults and try to find out some solutions/suggestions for you reference.



Q: How do exchange proceed?
A:The core/item for exchange must be complete and never repaired, and be sent to us after invoice approved.


Aloka Alpha 10 Transmitting Ultrasonic Board EP495000HH 0

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