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5MHz Ultrasound scanner Probe GE 12L-RS Linear Doppler Ultrasound Machine

Product Details:
Brand Name: GE
Model Number: 12L-RS
Payment & Shipping Terms:
Minimum Order Quantity: 1
Price: $1,200-$1,500/pcs
Packaging Details: Neutral Package
Delivery Time: 1-3 work days
Payment Terms: T/T, Western Union
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Detail Information

Category: Doppler Ultrasound Machine Applications: Pediatric, Peripheral, Small Parts And Vascular
Warranty: 60 Days/ 90 Days Service: Outright Sale
Item: Doppler Medical Device Type: Multi-frequency Transducer
High Light:

5MHz Ultrasound Scanner Probe


GE 12L-RS Ultrasound Scanner Probe

Product Description

Medical Instrument Ultrasound Probe GE 12L-RS Linear/Doppler Ultrasound Machine


GE 12L-RS linear ultrasound transducer


1. Type:linear

2. Frequency: 5-13.0 MHz

3. Compatible system: Logiq e/ Logiq l/ Vivid e/Vivid I/ Voluson e/Voluson I/Vivid Q/Vivid S5/ Vivid S6.

4. Application: vascular, small parts, musculoskeletal, nerve block, pediatric, and veterinary

5.  original with 60 days warranty


Note: We have rich stock of this model.



5MHz Ultrasound scanner Probe GE 12L-RS Linear Doppler Ultrasound Machine 0


5MHz Ultrasound scanner Probe GE 12L-RS Linear Doppler Ultrasound Machine 1




Knowledge point


The GE 12L-RS functions as a linear array ultrasound transducer probe, primarily employed in pediatric, peripheral, small parts, and vascular applications. Its versatile functionality is matched with a frequency range spanning from 5 to 13 MHz. Designed to be compatible with the GE Voluson and Voluson e series ultrasound systems, it provides a reliable option for various medical imaging needs.



Multi-frequency probe


A recent advancement in pulse-echo transducers is the multi-frequency probe. This innovative probe is capable of emitting various ultrasonic pulses to cover different zones within the field. It utilizes high-frequency ultrasound for the near field, intermediate-frequency ultrasound for the transition zone between near and far fields, and low-frequency ultrasound for the far field. The design involves bonding multiple layers of piezoelectric ceramics or polymer piezoelectric materials and connecting electrodes between these layers to generate ultrasonic pulses at different frequencies. Despite its simplicity in digital coding, there is a risk of signal loss with the multi-frequency probe.




Parts of GE probes we can offer:


Brand Model Compatible System
GE 3.5C Logiq 3/ Logiq 5/ Logiq 7/ Logiq 9/ Logiq A5/ Logiq P5/ Logiq S6/Vivid7
GE 3C Logiq 3/ Logiq 5
GE 3Cb Logic 200 Pro
GE 3CRF Logiq S6
GE 3CRF-D Logiq S8/ Logiq E9
GE 3Sp-D Voluson E6/Voluson E8 / Bt08 & Higher version
GE 3S vivid & Logiq series
GE 3S-RS Loqigbook/XP/ Vivid-I
GE 3S-SC venue 40
GE 3S-RC Logiq C5/ Logiq C2/ Logiq C3
GE 3SC-RS Vivid S5/ Vivid iq/ Vivid i
GE 3.8CA Logiq P3
GE 3V-D Vivid E9
GE 3.8C-RC Loqig C2/Logiq C3/ Logiq C5/ Logiq premiums
GE 4C Logiq & Vivid Series
GE 4C-RC Logiq C2/Logiq C3/Logiq C5/Logiq Premium
GE 4C-RS Vivid i Square/ Logiq e/ Vivid e
GE 4C-SC Venue 40
GE 4C-A Voluson 730
GE 4C-D Voluson E6/ E8 and Vivid E9
GE 4D3C-L Logiq 9/ Logiq A5/ Logiq P5/ Logiq S6
GE 4V-D Vivid E9
GE 4S Logiq and Vivid series
GE 5S pediatric cardiac
GE 5S-RS Vivid q/ Vivid i/Vivid S5/Vivid S6
GE 6.5C-RC Vivid q/ Vivid i
GE 7L Logiq and Vivid series
GE 7L-RC Logiq C2/ C5/ Logiq Premium
GE 739L Logiq 500 Pro/Vivid 3/Logiq 400 MD/Logiq 500 MD
GE 7S Logiq9/ Logiq 7/ Logiq S6/ Logiq 5/ Logiq 3 /Vivid 7/Vivid 3
GE 7.5L-RC Logiq C2/Logiq C3/Logiq C5/Logiq Premium
GE 8C Logiq & Vivid series
GE 8C-RS Voluson i/ Voluson e/ Logiq i/ Logiqbook XP/ Logiqbook/ Vivid i (from rev. 6.1.0)/ Vivid S5
GE 8L-RS Logiq e/ Vivid e/ Vivid i and Logiq Book XP
GE 9L Vivid 7 Pro/Vivid 3/Logiq 9/ Logiq 7/Logiq 5/Logiq 3/ Logiq 400
GE 9L-D Voluson E6/Voluson E8/Vivid E9
GE 9L-RS logiq e/ vivid e/ vivid I/ vivid q/ vivid s5/ vivid s6
GE 10Lb-RS Logiq book
GE 10S-RS Logiq Book/ Logiq e/ Vivid e/ Vivid i/ Logiq i/ Vivid i Square
GE 10L Logiq 3/5/7/9/ Vivid 3/4/A5/P5/7 Expert/7 Pro/ Logiq S6
GE 11L Logiq P5/A5/A5Pro/ Logiq P6/P6 Pro
GE 11L-D premium GE ultrasound machines
GE 12L Logiq & Vivid series
GE 12L-RS Logiq e/ Logiq l/ Vivid e/Vivid I Voluson e/Voluson I/Vivid Q/Vivid S5/ Vivid S6
GE 12L-SC Venue 40
GE 12S-D Vivid E9
GE AB2-7 Voluson S6/ Voluson S8/Voluson 730
GE AC2-5 Voluson 730
GE BE9C Logiq series




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