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Phased Array Ultrasound Transducer Cardiac Probe Aloka UST-5299 Diagnostic Medical Device

Product Details:
Brand Name: Aloka
Model Number: UST-5299
Payment & Shipping Terms:
Minimum Order Quantity: 1
Price: Negotiable
Packaging Details: Neutral Package
Delivery Time: 2-4 work days
Payment Terms: T/T,Western Union
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Detail Information

Category: Diagnostic Medical Device Description: Ultrasound Compatible Probes
Service: Outright Sale Warranty: 1 Year
Condition: Compatible Clone Purpose: Diagnosis Device For Human Body
Type: Phased Array

Product Description


Aloka UST-5299 Phased Array Ultrasound Transducer Cardiac Probe For Diagnosis Device

1. Type: Phased Array
2. Application: Cardiac, Abdominal
3. Frequency:3.0Mhz
4. Condition: Compatible New
5. Warranty: 12 months
6. Lead Time: Within one week against order confirmation
7. Compatible Systems: SSD-830,SSD-870,SSD-875,SSD-3500,SSD-4000 (reference only and may not be complete).


Knowledge point:

The Aloka UST-5299 Phased Array transducer has a frequency range of 2.1 MHz. - 3.8 MHz. and supports the following applications: Cardiac. The Aloka UST-5299 transducer is compatible with: Hitachi Aloka F31; Aloka SSD-3500; Aloka SSD-4000 ultrasound systems.


Phased Array Ultrasound Transducer Cardiac Probe Aloka UST-5299 Diagnostic Medical Device 0


Phased Array Ultrasound Transducer Cardiac Probe Aloka UST-5299 Diagnostic Medical Device 1




Other Aloka probes we can offer:


Brand Model Compatible System
Aloka UST-5024N-3.5 SSD-256,280
Aloka UST-52101N SSD-5500, Alpha 5, Alpha 7
Aloka ust-52105 Alpha 5, Alpha 7, Alpha 10
Aloka UST-5294 SSD-5000, SSD-5500, Alpha 5
Aloka UST-5297 SSD-3500, SSD-5000, SSD-5500
Aloka UST-5299 830 , 870 , 875, SSD-3500, SSD-4000,
Aloka UST-5410 Alpha 5
Aloka UST-5410H Alpha 5 Ver. 3.1 and above
Aloka UST-5412 Alpha 5, Alpha 7, SSD-500V, SSD-5500
Aloka UST-5413 SSD-3500
Aloka UST-5413 SSD-3500
Aloka UST-5512U-7.5 SSD-500, 620, 625,650,1100
Aloka UST-5524 SSD-900, SSD-1000, SSD-1400, SSD-1700, SSD-5000
Aloka UST-5539 SSD-4000, SSD-5000, SSD-5500
Aloka UST-5542 Alpha 6
Aloka UST-5545 SSD-5000,SSD-5500
Aloka UST-5546 SSD-3500, SSD-4000
Aloka UST-5546 SSD-3500, SSD-4000
Aloka UST-5548 SSD-5000, SSD-5500,Alpha 5SX, Alpha 7, Alpha 10, SSD-3500SX
Aloka UST-567 Alpha 5, Alpha 7, Alpha 10, Alpha 5SX
Aloka UST-588U-5 SSD-500
Aloka UST-675P Alpha 5, Alpha 7, Alpha 10, SSD-5000, SSD-5500
Aloka UST-9112 SSD-900,1000,1400,1700,2000,3500 ,4000
Aloka UST-9115 SSD-5000,Alpha 5,
Aloka UST-9118 SSD-5000, SSD-5500, Alpha 7, Alpha 10
Aloka UST-9119 SSD-5000, SSD-5500
Aloka UST-9123 SSD-3500, SSD-4000, F37
Aloka UST-9124 SSD-3500, SSD-4000, F37
Aloka UST-9126 Alpha 5, SSD-5000, SSD-5500
Aloka UST-9130 Alpha 10,Alpha 7
Aloka UST-9133 SSD-3500, Alpha 7
Aloka UST-9137 Prosound
Aloka UST-9147 Prosound F75
Aloka UST-934N-3.5 SSD-500,620,625,630,633,650,650L,1100
Aloka UST-944B-3.5 SSD-500, SSD-1100
Aloka UST-945BP-5 SSD-500, SSD-620, SSD-630
Aloka UST-979 SSD-900,1000,1100,1400,1700,3500,4000
Aloka UST-981-5 SSD-500, 620, 625,650,1100
Aloka UST-984-5 SSD-1000, SSD-2000
Aloka UST-987 Alpha 5,Alpha 6,SSD-3500,SSD-5000,SSD-5500,SSD-900,SSD-1400







Q: How's the stock condition?
A: Wide variety of Ultrasound probe/board, over 10,000 pcs in stock, involved in popular brands and systems(GE, Hitachi Aloka, Siemens,Toshiba, , Biosound---)


Q: Is there any guarantee for the goods?
A: Fully-tested and safe packing before shipping, less than 3% warranty return claims of previous orders.


Q: Will you provide a warranty?

A: Items are sold with NO WARRANTY unless it is stated otherwise in the body of the proforma invoice/purchase order. Mostly 90 days for new original, 30/60 days for used.


Q: Can I have the goods returned if it is not working well?
A: Yes, goods are permitted to be returned in the same received condition within 7 days. Refund will be handled within 2-4 working days after final confirmation (Freight & bank fee excluded). Shipping fees for returns should be borne by buyers. No returns after 3 days if ordered wrong.



Q: If faults occur after the warranty date, can I contact you?

A: Sure, feel free to contact me even years later. We'll look into the faults and try to find out some solutions/suggestions for you reference.


Q: How do exchange proceed?
A: The core/item for exchange must be complete and never repaired, and be sent to us after the invoice is approved.

Q: How about the payment terms?
A: All orders are 100% prepaid before delivery. We accept wire transfers / Western Union from banks, and cash. (US dollars, Euro, or CNY)



Q: How about delivery?

A: We ship worldwide. DHL/EMS/FedEx Express will be arranged within 1-5 working days after payment is confirmed unless otherwise specified. We Seller are responsible for export Customs clearance on our end, and buyers for import Customs clearance on their end.




About Us


Rongtao Medical was established in 2013, we have been focusing on providing after-sales service for medical equipment for the last ten years,especially in ultrasound.We have been continuously improving our technical capabilities, breaking through technical problems, innovating service models to extend the lifespan of ultrasound equipment,and reduce the cost of medical equipment.

Rongtao Medical are specialized in providing high-quality, efficient and affordable repair solutions for ultrasound equipment, like GE, Toshiba, Siemens, Aloka Mindray, Samsung etc. All repaired ultrasound boards and probes are individually tested on real equipment, and all boards are sealed in anti-static packaging before delivery to you.

Rongtao Medical offers free consultation of ultrasound troubleshooting identification and technical support to our customers.We also provide lifelong service for all ultrasound parts and probes that we have been serviced.




To increase the choice of healthcare services for people worldwide, by reducing the healthcare costs with professional and efficient solutions, to create a better environment by extending the lifespan of medical equipment.



To provide high-quality, efficient, reliable and affordable professional ultrasound solutions and repair service.




How we support them?


Professional & passionate pre-sale service team
10 years of experience repair technician team
Reliable & responsible quality control team
Experienced & specialised after-sale technical support team


We are committed to using our expertise in the industry to identify and provide the right medical equipment to our customers at the best price in a timely and professional manner.


Our Vision -- To be the top preferred third-party service company worldwide!

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